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Channel Object

Channel object picture

The Channel object displays the live level of a control channel. It can also show the color filter number and/or a short descriptive name. It can display arrows indicating whether the level last moved up or down, and can display the level itself as raw DMX or a percentage, in two sizes.

The background of the object takes its color from the assigned filter, or can be linked to a color source. The background can show a variable gauge. An outline appears around the object when its level is above zero.

Channel Object Properties
  • channel - Channel number. Matching channel number in the Patch window specifies which DMX universe and slot prodives level data for the object.

  • filter - Color filter identifier, or list of color changes. VMS library includes Roscolux, GAM, Lee and Apollo colors. Use designations such as R05, G105, L201, AP4050.

  • gauge - Checkbox to enable graphic gauge display. Gauge style is selected in the Preferences window.

  • gauge side - Letter signifying to which of the four sides of the object the bar gauge is anchored. B = bottom (grows up), T = top (grows down), L = left (grows right), and R = right (grows left). Has no effect if the circle or fade gauge style is selected.

  • level big - Checkbox to specify use of larger type size for level.

  • level dmx - Checkbox to specify that level should be displayed as raw DMX 000-255

  • level hex - Checkbox to specify that DMX level should be displayed as hexadecimal x00-xFF

  • locked - Checkbox to lock object so that it cannot be selected unless the alt/option key is pressed.

  • name text - Label which will be displayed in the upper left corner of the object.

  • show filter - Checkbox to display the filter number in the upper right corner of the object.

  • show up/dn - Checkbox to display up/down arrows indicating latest level change direction.

  • underline - Checkbox to underline the channel number