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VMS relies on a copy of the console's channel patch to know which DMX data should be displayed by which objects. The Window > Patch / Monitor menu command opens a window where the patch can be entered. This window also shows the live level for each DMX slot, which can be a useful troubleshooting aid.

Each row in the Patch window corresponds to one DMX slot. The universe, slot number, and dimmer number are listed for reference only and cannot be changed. Dimmer numbers count sequentially through all universes, i.e. universe 2 slot 1 is dimmer 513. The dimmer number is a convenience only; internally VMS uses only the universe and slot numbers. If your console has somewhat different dimmer numbering don't worry, but take care to assign each channel to the correct DMX slot.

The important column is the Chan information. The channel numbers entered here are matched with Scroller and Channel object 'channel' properties to connect the DMX data to the correct object. If a channel is patched to more than one dimmer, VMS uses the lowest dimmer number as the data source.

Each row also has a value for proportional percentage. If a proportional patch level is set on the console, it should be entered here so that VMS knows what percentage level corresponds to "full".

The entire patch table can be sorted according to the data in any column by clicking on the column heading. To sort by channel number, click on Chan.

The patch information can be imported from a Lightwright 4 file by using the File > Load Lightwright 4 Patch... menu command. Any previous patch information is replaced. Lightwright channels or dimmers having prefixes or suffixes are skipped.

The patch information can be imported from a USITT ASCII text file by using the File > Load ASCII Patch... menu command. Any previous patch information is replaced. USITT ASCII files can be exported from Lightwright, Expression Offline, Showport, grandMA Offline, and other products.

The patch is stored as part of the layout when it is saved.

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