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Live Mode

To switch to Live mode use the Control > Live menu command. Editing commands will be disabled, and the layout will be driven by live DMX data. To return to Offline mode choose Control > Offline.

When data is received, a small D symbol flashes on the layout. This symbol is normally located in the upper left corner of the window, but can be dragged (in Offline mode) to any other location.

VMS provides several features which are useful in rehearsal and performance situations.

  • Display > Full Screen fills the screen with the VMS display. No menu bar, no scroll bars, just wall-to-wall VMS layout. Things to remember in full screen mode:
  • Moving the mouse pointer to the top of the screen will restore the normal display.
  • Hold down the Option key and use the arrow keys to scroll the layout. Page-up and page-down will also work.
  • Control-? (Windows) or command-? (Mac) will get you back to this Help Book.

  • Display > Clock will display the time at the upper right (Mac) or lower right (Windows) corner of the display. Useful when Full Screen mode hides the system clock.

  • Display > Black will black out the display when you need your screen not to suddenly be the brightest object in the theatre. The screen will go black except for a message reminding you to press any letter key to restore the display.

  • Window > Magnify opens a 2x magnified view of a portion of the layout. The Magnify window can be moved and resized. Dragging it to a second monitor, if you have one, is ideal. To select the area to be magnified, simply click on the layout and that location will be centered in the Magnify window.

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