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Arranging Objects

All arrangement actions work on the currently selected objects only.

Objects can be moved by dragging them, or by using the keyboard arrow keys. If Arrange > Snap To Grid is on, then all movements will be in steps of 1/4 of a basic object size. (10 pixels)

A selected group of objects can be cut, copied, pasted, duplicated, or cleared by using commands in the Edit menu. The Delete or Backspace key will also clear the selected objects. Any of these actions can also be Undone from the Edit menu.

Selected objects can be aligned to each other to make tidier layouts.

  • Arrange > Align Tops moves selected objects up so the tops of all of them match the line of the top of the highest one.

  • Arrange > Align Bottoms moves selected objects down so that the bottoms of all of them match the line of the bottom of the lowest one.

  • Arrange > Center Up/Down moves selected objects up or down so that their vertical centers match the line midway between the extreme top and bottom edges of the group.

  • Arrange > Align Lefts moves selected objects left so that the left sides all match the left side of the leftmost object.

  • Arrange > Align Rights moves selected objects right so that the right sides all match the right side of the rightmost object.

  • Arrange > Center Left/Right moves selected objects left or right so that their horizontal centers match a line midway between the extreme left and right edges of the group.

Layouts often require left-right mirroring of arrangements of objects. This is easily done by creating and arranging the objects for one side, using the Edit > Duplicate menu command, and then the Arrange > Flip L/R menu command to flip the copies, which can then then be dragged into the desired position.

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