Lightwright® Touch

Do you carry a binder full of lighting paperwork everywhere? Spend too much time flipping through pages of hookups and schedules? Or retyping scrawled numbers back into Lightwright? Have you given in and decided it's easier just to lug your laptop around all day?

If any of this sounds familiar, you will be thrilled to meet Lightwright Touch.

Lightwright Touch is a companion app to Lightwright 6, and enables viewing and editing of your Lightwright worksheet on a mobile device. With your lighting data literally at your fingertips, you'll glide through your paperwork using the Lightwright functions you know in the iOS interface you love.
  • Transfer shows from Lightwright 5 or 6 with iTunes, or by email, Dropbox or Box
  • Keep multiple show files handy on your iPad®, iPhone® or iPod touch®
  • Find answers with Lightwright's View and Sort functions, plus Next, Last and Jump
  • Use Lightwright's Go Back function, and Lightwright Touch's new Go Forward and Log
  • Change the column order, and which ones to see, right from the worksheet
  • Rotate to portrait or landscape orientation
  • Choose font size and toolbar colors
  • Select the Row Details display to see all information for a worksheet row
  • Easily add a note to any row, and keep a list of general notes
  • See a summary of your edits
  • Transfer your work back to Lightwright 5 or 6, and reconcile changes with the original show
  • Email your Lightwright Touch notes, or view them as a report in Lightwright
  • Read your hookup in the dark—without a flashlight
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