Lightwright® Touch FAQ

Wondering how Lightwright Touch will fit into your workflow? Here are some common questions about Lightwright Touch and how it works with Lightwright 5.
Is Lightwright Touch a part of Lightwright?
No, Lightwright Touch is a separate product that works with Lightwright, and works like Lightwright, but is not a replacement for Lightwright or an included part of it.

Do I need to own Lightwright to use Lightwright Touch?
No. Lightwright Touch uses show files from Lightwright 5 or 6, but you only need the exported show file, not a Lightwright registration, to use Lightwright Touch.

Can I use Lightwright Touch with any version of Lightwright?
Lightwright 5.0.22 or later, for Mac or Windows, can export shows for Lightwright Touch. Earlier versions of Lightwright cannot.

Can I print from Lightwright Touch?
Not at this time. Lightwright is the best choice for designing layouts and printing schedules and reports.

Can I have multiple shows on Lightwright Touch?
You can store multiple shows on Lightwright Touch, but only have one open at a time.

Can I use Lightwright Touch on my iPhone or iPod touch also?
Not at this time, but that's on the list.

How does Lightwright Touch handle user categories?
Seamlessly. If your show has user categories defined, they will all transfer to Lightwright Touch.

Does it do worknotes?
The initial release does not do full Lightwright worknotes, but it does provide a means to add a note to any row, and also has a general notes page. All of the notes appear in a Lightwright report when the Lightwright Touch show file is reconciled. Lightwright Touch notes can also be emailed directly from the app.

Does it do focus charts?
It does the six focus cut categories plus status and scenery. It does not do the location, beam, axis, or drawings yet.

I have special sorting orders set up in Lightwright. Will Lightwright Touch know about those?
Yes. All Lightwright customized sorting orders will be used by Lightwright Touch.

Will it use my worksheet column orders?
Yes. Lightwright Touch will use the column selection and order for the show, but you can also change them to suit what you need to see on the smaller display.

Where can I get Lightwright Touch?
Only from the App Store, either through iTunes or the App Store app on your iPad. Lightwright Touch is not available from City Theatrical dealers.


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