BeamCalc calculates beam geometry and photometrics for multiple light sources.
  • How wide an area will this light cover?
  • How bright will it be?
  • How long will the shadow be?
  • Where do I need to focus this light in relation to that other one?
  • Should I use a 26 degree or a 19 degree at this location?
  • What angle is that cove position from the stage?
  • What wattage lamp should I use in this fixture?
  • How does that old equipment compare with something I am more familiar with?
Set source and target positions for three separate lights by entering measurements on BeamCalc's Numbers page, or by dragging them on the Drawing page. Distances can be in feet or meters, and the drawing scale can be changed by "pinch" zooming. The Sources list provides easy access to over 100 fixtures organized by manufacturer and model, with multiple lamp choices for many fixtures.

View BeamCalc's built-in guided tour help file for for much more detail. (Opens pop-up window, requires JavaScript.)
iPad guide or iPhone/iPod touch guide

BeamCalc works on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or better.