Virtual Light Lab 2010

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Virtual Light Lab software allows lighting designers, teachers, or students to experiment with light, shadow, color composition, and cue timing in a simulated lighting studio. Virtual Light Lab is fast and easy to use: highly realistic images are displayed immediately and there is no complicated 3D drawing system to learn.

Models are placed on a stage and lighted, a backdrop image is added, stage looks are composed. Moving a light or changing a color is as simple as clicking and dragging a light icon or a color swatch. Recorded scenes can be assigned fade times, then played back at full screen size and recorded as QuickTime movies. Images can be printed, or exported for use in other graphic applications.


  • Over 70 lighting positions including footlights
  • 1,100 standard filter colors
  • CMY and RGB color mixing
  • CIE chromaticity map
  • Breakup gobo
  • Display beam angle and direction
  • Face lighting detail view
  • Place multiple models on the stage, each lighted differently
  • Select from over two dozen model poses and orientations
  • Five backdrops, plus import any image as a custom backdrop
  • Four-circuit color mixing on backdrops, top and bottom
  • Record scenes, then play them back with timed fades
  • Create QuickTime movies
  • Print or export stage images
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Fast image rendering

VLL for Teaching and Learning

  • Additive color mixing
  • Modeling
  • Effect of simple gobo textures
  • Composing a stage picture
  • Evocation of mood, time, and place
  • Cue timing and designing transitions
  • RGB vs. CMY color control
  • CIE chromaticity gamut

VLL for Designing

  • Interactive communication of lighting concepts to directors, choreographers, clients.
  • Add photos of scenery and costumes as backdrops, then test filter choices
  • All VLL light locations can report horizontal and vertical angles from subject to guide choice of actual lighting positions

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Purchase Virtual Light Lab. Individual, student, and site license pricing.
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Download the demo version for Windows or Mac and test drive it yourself.
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Minimum Requirements
Windows: XP/Vista/7, 800x600 display, QuickTime
Macintosh: OS X 10.2.6 or later, 800x600 display, QuickTime.

All windows are sized to look great on 800x600 resolution classroom projectors.