PowerSaver --- the electrical savings guide.

PowerSaver calculates the savings achieved through energy conservation. It has four separate calculators to help answer four common savings questions:

Using your own electrical utility rate, PowerSaver guides you through computations of your electrical cost savings. Make informed decisions about how to reduce electrical use and cost in your home or office.

View PowerSaver's built-in guided tour help file here for much more detail. (Opens pop-up window, requires JavaScript.)

Available now for iPhone and iPod touch.

BeamCalc --- the spotlight beam calculator.

BeamCalc calculates beam geometry and photometrics for multiple sources.

Set source and target positions for three separate lights by entering measurements on BeamCalc's Numbers page, or by dragging them on the Drawing page. Distances can be in feet or meters, and the drawing scale can be changed by "pinch" zooming. Select fixtures and lamps from the Sources page.

View BeamCalc's built-in guided tour help file here for much more detail. (Opens pop-up window, requires JavaScript.)

Available now for iPhone and iPod touch.

DMXCalc --- the DMX address calculator.

DMXCalc helps you with all basic DMX address arithmetic for entertainment lighting system setup.

Each DMX universe can contain up to 512 individual addresses or slots. When multiple universes are used in a lighting system, calculating the absolute address for channel patching can become challenging.

For example, the 3rd address in universe 1 has absolute address 3, while the 3rd address in universe 2 is 515, and the 3rd address in universe 5 is 2051. DMXCalc translates instantly between universe/address and the absolute address, in either direction.

The Switches page shows the DIP switch settings for the current address, and you can change the address by changeing the switches. The Levels page contains a cross-reference list of all 256 possible DMX levels to percentage and MIDI values.

DMXCalc has been used on Palm® OS devices on and off Broadway for years.

Available now for iPhone and iPod touch®.

PowerCalc --- the watts / volts / amps calculator.

PowerCalc calculates electrical power loads.

Enter a wattage to determine the electrical current in amps. Or enter rated ampacity of a device and see maximum wattage load. Works for any voltage. Select two or three phase service to see amps per leg and total wattage for a multiphase power distribution. AC Inductive mode allows setting of power factor and selection of single phase or three phase motor power calculations.

Available now for iPhone and iPod touch.

Step Timer --- the multi-step-sequence and tempo timer.

Step Timer is a basic timer for mapping out complex multi-part cue timings in sound, lighting, projections, automation, and video, and it's also a music tempo timer.

Like the built-in Clock app, Step Timer can mark intermediate times while the timer is running, but it also displays the elapsed time at each mark. When designing cue sequences with delay and follow times you'll want both types of timing data.

Step Timer also has a beats-per-minute clock and its more useful inverse: a time-per-beat display, which is useful for designing timing to run synchronously with a music tempo.

Step Timer can display fractional seconds in tenths, hundredths, or frames.

Available now for iPhone and iPod touch.

Show Timer --- the event manager's double-time assistant.

Show Timer provides stopwatch and countdown timers, and keeps a log of all timings. It provides a timeline record for rehearsals, performances, or any type of event.

The coundown timer uniquely offers the option of counting down to a speific time, for example 10:00 AM as shown in the picture above, or for a time duration, for example 20 minutes. The stopwatch timer can run simultaneously with the countdown timer. Set the countdown timer for your next break, while using the stopwatch to time a rehearsal run.

The timing log records all timer starts and stops. It can be edited to create a daily report, and you can define custom words or phrases which can be pasted quickly to speed the editing process. Then the entire log or any selected section can be emailed from within the Show Timer app.

Available now for iPhone and iPod touch.

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